The Door to Serendipity

October 2021 – April 2022



One of the key brands to share Korean culture, KOCOWEEK is the first step to indulge in Korean culture in major parts of the world. We hope that the global citizens will find Korean culture a serendipity that brings joy and comfort to their lives. To ensure foreigners can understand Korean culture in an easier and more exciting way, we have prepared various online content and events. Please come check out “KOCOWEEK.”


charm, breath, life, spirit, and dream

Feel the beauty of Korea with online content! Check out the 5 major videos of KOCOWEEK.

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Current Events and Contests

Meet; Overseas KCC Festival

A chance to meet Korean culture
in different parts of the world!

Enjoy the festival at Korean Cultural Centers of 7 countries!

Introduce; K-Heritage

Let us introduce you to Korea’s traditional culture with Korea’s major cultural organizations.

Let’s check out Korea’s traditional culture together online!

National Museum of Korea국립중앙박물관
Meet the world “a sunbi scholar from Joseon Dynasty would want” via digital technology
Namwon National Gugak Center국립민속국악원
“Oh! Pansori”, Let’s learn and enjoy pansori via VR!
Asia Culture Center국립아시아문화전당
Live “BBRUN” performance via VR media